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Audiophiles passionate about having a truly full range audio experience are faced with the compromising issue of compartment space. Conventional cone-type speakers must scale up in diameter size to clearly reproduce sub-bass frequencies. Thus the give-and-take is either:

1) quality of reproduced low-frequency sound or 2) compartment space. One or the other is preserved, not both.


The solution is the patented Bass Pump™ subwoofer technology. Unlike conventional “cone” speakers, it employs a unique radial tube design that more effectively displaces the large volumes of air necessary in low-frequency sound reproduction. This unique design offers a form factor advantage in displacement of air not only by diameter, but also by length. This product also integrates seamlessly with your existing audio signal amplifiers.


The vision of Gain Audio™ LLC is to change the way the world experiences the depth of music by putting a "The Bass Pump™" device in every smart phone, portable audio device, TV, home theater, car audio and pro audio system. As electronics continue to shrink, the quality of audio is compromised and bass is lost. I envision this device restoring bass sound, while maintaining a pleasurable listening experience without having to sacrifice the space as in current methods.


Gain Audio’s™ innovative internal design of this subwoofer allows for 1.5-12 times the displacement of air to reproduce low-frequency sound when competing to conventional cone drivers of equivalent diameter. When comparing the energy consumption of this single unit to the displacement equivalent of multiple conventional drivers, a Gain Audio driver is proving to be more energy efficient as well. There are several other features allowing for tuning/TSP changes, easy mass production and simple field repairs where applicable. It will truly make you want to "Turn Up The Gain Audio™".


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